Week View 8.7.3: Problems with windows live Sign-In

UPDATE: It seems that this problem was caused by the windows live service itself since I got some user reports about this problem that it „fixed itself“ without a re-installation of the app the next day.

Recently I read some marketplace ratings that at the moment many users of my app Week View 8 have problems with signing in to windows live. 🙁 I can only guess (since I cannot reproduce the problem) that this has to do with changed permissions when accessing the windwos live account.

Solution: Please uninstall the app and re-install it from marketplace. You can always re-install purchased apps from free. Imporant: please click on „buy“ to install the full version – of course you do not have to pay again. Sorry, I know this takes some time but at the moment it’s the only working solution.

Sorry for this issue – this did not occur while I was testing the app. 🙁

Technical background, if you are interrested: In the last update I added a feature that allows you to save the configuration of Week View to your SykDrive account – every windows phone user automatically has a SkyDrive account.

This is useful, when a new update is available or when you simply like to store you current configuration – this way you play around with settings and restore your saved settings later.

Saving a file to SkyDrive requires the permission to access SkyDrive. I added this „permission request“ to Week View. When Week View tries to Sign in to SkyDrive automatically at startup, after the update to the new version, it seems that this does not work. The permission is not granted automatically and this may cause the problem that loading data from windows live stopps working too. 🙁

Btw. you can see and open the Week View configuration file on your SkyDrive, when you log in to your SkyDrive account. The configuration of Week View is saved in XML format, which can be read by humans too. 🙂

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  1. Berthold Mall

    I did reinstall already twice, but windows live log in is still not working. Any idea?


    1. admin Beitrags Autor

      other users with the same problem reported me that it was working again the next day without any reinstallation of the app.
      This means: Maybe there was a problem with the windows live service.
      I can only suggest to try it again later – for example, does it work today?
      If not, please contact me by the support email address in the app.