Hololens Hackaton

Last weekend I had the opportunity to play around with Microsoft HoloLens at a hackathon in Vienna.


What a cool piece of technilogy! As a team, we built „HoloDefense“-Tetris Style 🙂 which basically is a tower defense game, inspired by tetris.

wp_20160910_17_17_32_pro wp_20160910_18_57_32_pro

The gamefield floating directly before you in space and the ability to walk around and see it from different angels is amazing! (static images can hardly show this)

holo_1 holo_2
Speech commands (which we used to place and destroy towers) worked not as great as they could, this needs some improvement. It was an intense weekend with programming sessions until 2am but it was a lot of fun playing around with HoloLense, and explore what it can do as a team!

Here’s a video from the event