Final version of Visual Studio 2015 available – no windows 10 development

When the final Version of Visual Studio 2015 was released yesterday (07/20) I downloaded it, uninstalledVS2015 RC and installed the new version the same day. 🙂

Yeah – a developer’s favorite tool in the newest, shiny version!

What do you usually expect from a final build, when upgrading from a RC build?
Most likely bug fixes and stabilization of existing features and for course the possibility to create Windows 10 apps…which is nothing special since this was working fine with VS2015 RC and I already started porting my app Week View to Windows 10.

BUT: Creating new windows 10 apps does not work in the final version of Visual Studio 2015! The template for windows 10 universal apps no longer exists. Opening the existing „Week View 10“ solution did not work either – the projects no longer were loaded. 🙁

Wow, now this is a really GREAT start for windows 10 development, if you actually want to develop windows 10 apps.

What’s the matter with MS?
A service to deploy apps to a physical phone was no longer present in the windows 10 RTM build, publishing apps or submitting new apps (even for windows 8.x, windows phone 8.1) no longer works and finally creating windows 10 apps is not possible in the most recent version of THE MS developer tool „Visual Studio“.

Yes, this will be fixed hopefully very soon (please, please …) but how can this disaster happen for a large company like MS?

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  1. VS-User

    It was said in advance that the Windows 10 SDK comes later.

    „Important: Do not install Visual Studio 2015 RTM until 7/29 if you want to continue working with Windows 10 developer tool preview releases. On 7/29 the RTM releases of Windows 10 developer tools will be made available for use with Visual Studio 2015 RTM. Please refer to the Building Apps blog for more details.“

    1. admin Beitrags Autor

      That’s correct but unfortunately I did not read the developer blog before installing VS2015 RTM and neither did some other people I know.
      I was taking part in a developer meeting on July 21st and the presenter (a MS MVP) installed the RTM version the day before and was very „surprised“ when he found out that none of its examples and all the MS examples that he wanted to present were no longer working…so I guess I was not the only one that did not read the dev. forum before installing a new version of VS…maybe I should do so in the future 😉

      1. VS-User

        The communication with MS is just unfortunately not the best^^

        I would have liked that microsoft would have send a newspaper to registred users. Unfortunately it had to inform themselves, what is just sad…
        Sad is also this whole faulty store conversion.
        For the example I own your week view app, however it is licensed only on WP8 +, on a WP7 device the app is no longer licensed .

        Sometimes one wonders however whether Microsoft ever look on its own products or teams are easy build something new and not on the existing builds…