Adding new features is now always as simple as it should be…

It’s been some time since the last blog entry. Meanwhile I am working on some new apps in the category „fitness tracking“, that use the „Sensor Core SDK“ to track steps and activity – more about this later, when the app is in a useable state.

Of course I am also working on updates for my existing apps and I wanted to add a new feature to Week View.

Have you ever created an appointment in the „wrong“ calendar and wanted to move it to another calendar later? For example: Created a private appointment in your „business calendar“?

You can edit the appointment, but you cannot move it to another calendar.
This was something I wanted to add to Week View. 🙂

I checked the programing interface and there is a method „MoveAppointmentAsync“, which according to MSDN documentation does exactly this. (Details:

I added the neccesary UI to show the appointment, the current „source calendar“ and a list of „destination calendars“ an tested it.

Result: not working. 🙁

Calling the method always throws an „UnauthorizedAccessException“. Of course I DO have access to both calendars since I tested moving the appointment from one of my windows live calendars to another windows live calendar.

Too bad + I will have to disable this feature at the moment. 🙁

Let’s see, if MS support responds to my thread about this issue:

Conclusion: Adding new features is not alwas that easy as it seems and should be. I will continue to add other enhancements since my todo-list is quite full of useful user suggestions. 🙂