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  1. Rob Edyvean

    Hi there seems to be an issue with Week View 8 – it shows me lots of „Private Appointment“ entries but there are none in any of my calandars (I sync with my Microsoft ActiveSync). Also syncing doesn’t seem to work when I create a recurring appointment in the Windows 8.1 Microsoft ActiveSync calendar, but it does when I create a stand alone entry.
    Great product though, I develop apps myself, thought you might want to know if they are possible bugs…

    1. admin Beitrags Autor

      Hi Rob,
      thanks for your comment, please contact me via the support email adress shown on the about page of week view.

      Synchronization is done by the windows phone OS itself, not by an app.
      Appointments from google calenar show up as private appointments in WP 8.0 due to limitations of the windows phone programing interface – MS fixed this in WP 8.1. You can find a workaround for WP 8.0 to this problem on my blog (search for „google“).

      best regards,

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