Week View 8.1 update changelog

Update: The new version is available in the marketplace.

Some minutes ago I sent an update of Week View for windows phone 8.1 to the certification process. Although the marketplace allows to highlight the changes of an update, I prefer to do this on my blog.

The reasons are simple: I do not need to translate an update description to 10 languages, that are currently supported and I can easily respond to questions, which is not possible in the marketplace.

First things first: The new features, which are described below will also come to Week View for Windows Phone 8.0 – the reason why they are not available at the same time is that I need to test and fix some things specific to the WP 8.0 version. Since WP 8.1 offers new API’s it’s not possible to use 100% identical code, especially when dealing with appointment data, calendar types, private appointments and some other things where WP 8.0 has major limitations but WP 8.1 fixed most of them.

So what will the new update include?

Appointment templates

This allows you to create templates for appointments you like to create again and again but which are NOT recurring appointments. I use it to create a template for „practice playing“ – I am playing in a band and we practice once a week the most time, but the day varies.

Common Navigation to Week/Month/Year/Search/GoTo-Date view

These views are now accessible from each other view

Separate filter for „in app“ and „on live tile“ for appointments.

It is possible to show/hide appointments based on their calendar type (windows live, google, exchange, …) in Week View for some time now. This can be done in the settings, tab „calendars“. With this updated it’s possible to set different values for showing/hiding appointments in the app or on the live tiles

Performance improvements and bug fixes

The update contains some performance improvements, for example the month view should be much faster now (about 2 times) and fixes for bugs that have been reported to me.

Next thing is to test the WP 8.0 version of week view since I want to release it soon of course, most likely before the weekend.

Depending how long the MS certification process takes, the update should be available for WP 8.1 today or in the next days. 🙂 Meanwhile have a nice day everyone!

4 Gedanken über “Week View 8.1 update changelog

  1. Christian Schopferer

    Hallo Herr Biribauer,

    danke für die vielen Updates, da steckt sicher sehr viel Arbeit dahinter. Zwei Sachen sind mir noch aufgefallen. Nach dem Update sind die in WeekView8 eingestellten Kalenderfarben des Live-Kalenders allesamt auf die Akzentfarbe eingestellt. Konfiguration laden hilft nicht. Und beim Wechsel der Ansicht steht „Jahresnasicht“, kleiner Tippfehler.

    Weiter so und viele Grüße
    Christian Schopferer

    1. admin Beitrags Autor

      Hallo Hr. Schopferer,
      danke für die Hinweise!
      Welche Version verwenden Sie, die WP 8.0 oder die WP 8.1 Version von Week View?
      Hier gibt es Unterschiede bei den Kalenderfarben. Tippfehler werde ich natürlich beim nächten Update korrigieren. 🙂
      Btw. Sie können mich auch via EMail kontaktieren, die EMail-Adresse steht in der About-Seite von Week View.
      freundliche Grüße

  2. Søren

    Is there a way to make the live tile update automatisk?

    I use a Nokia 930 with your Week View.

    1. admin Beitrags Autor

      the live tile should update automatically.
      Please contact me via the support email adress in the app.
      best regards,