Week View 8.7 available but (sometimes) problems in settings page

UPDATE: Version 8.7.1 has been submitted to the certification process, which fixes the problem described below. Usually the certification process takes 5 days.

 UPDATE 2: The new version 8.7.1 should be available in the marketplace now.

Yesterday i got an email from MS that the certification process of Week View 8.7 was successful and the update will be available in marketplace soon. This is something, you are waiting for, when you submit an update so i was happy to get this email. 🙂

Unfortunately there seems to be a problem, when the settings page is opened – this sometimes crashes the app. 🙁

Recently i got some error problem with this content:

Application_UnhandledException in Week View
System.NullReferenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Microsoft.Phone.Controls.GestureListener.OnDragCompleted(ManipulationDeltaEventArgs lastDragInfo, ManipulationCompletedEventArgs completedInfo)

Week View useses controls from the „Windows Phone Control Toolkit“ library – a control library from MS, which offers some user interface controls. In this update of week view I updated the control library and included the latest, stable version of it. But it seems there is a bug in the „Gesture Listener“ of it, which causes this problem. 🙁

At the moment i am working to fix this as soon as possible and will submit a minor update (8.7.1) today. It usually takes 5 days until an app is certified by MS so it may take some time until you see this update on your phone.

I am sorry for this since i thought it was fixed and it did not occur on my phone and in beta testing.