Week View 8.7 sent to certification process

It’s done. 🙂
After 2 weeks of beta-testing I sent Week View 8.7 to the MS certification process today.

At this point i want to say a big THANK YOU to all people, helping me with beta testing!

Usually the certification process takes 5 days and it may take 1 or 2 additional days until a certified apps shows up in the marketplace and users get update notifications.

Some of the important bug fixes are:

Periodic live tile update is more stable now.

I got some emails that the live tile stopped updating on some users phones. This problem was caused by „OutOfMemory“-Exceptions (thanks for sending me the error reports!). I changed some „internals“ and feedback from beta testers that had the problem was good, which means: The problem no longer occurred. 🙂

App Start now is fast when no network connection exists.

This was a problem i also got reported by some users. When there is no network connection, the app takes 8-10 seconds to start sometimes. The reason was: Week View checks, if a network connection exists on start-up to download calendar category information and some other data from windows live (only when a user is signed in to windows live inside the app + granted it’s permission). This „check for network connection“ blocked the start of the app. This is fixed now.

Some of the new features are:

  • Configuration option for manually setting „first day of week“
  • Dimming future appointments on the live tile as configuration option
  • Markers on month live tile for days with appointments
  • „Clickable“ http-links in detail text of appointments
  • Configurable font size for „week entries“ on main- and details screen

I already have a quite full ToDo-list for future updates. 🙂
There is always room for improvements and new feature – thanks for your feedback and suggestions!