Daily Acitivites for UWP will be available soon

As part of learning UWP development I ported my existing app ‚Daily Activities‚ to an UWP app. This means, the app will be able to run on all UWP devices, like WP10 phones, tablets and your PC, running Windows 10. 🙂

Of course your PC cannot collect step-, activity- and location data.
So does it even make sense for ‚Daily Activities‘ to be a UWP app?
In my opinion: yes! 🙂

There are some devices that will run the UWP based app of ‚Daily Activities‘, like your windows 10 phone that CAN collect steps, activity and location data and there are some devices that CAN NOT collect these data but they can still show collected data from other devices!

How does this work? I added an option to automatically upl0ad collected data to your OneDrive. Every windows phone or windows user has a OneDrive account. This can be used as a backup of your data but it can also be used as a data source for the app when running on a device which is not able to collect data by itself.

In other word: You phone can collect (and show) data and upload this data to your OneDrive. You PC can run the same app, load this data from your OneDrive and you can view it on your PC or tablet, running Windows 10. 🙂

Isn’t this a nice „connected experience“? 😉
At the moment I am still in the “testing-phase” but I want to release a free update for ‚Daily Acitivities‘ soon, which can be downloaded and installed on your PC too.

Hope, you like it + give me feedback!