Daily Activities can save/export your activity data now

Daily Activities already automatically stores sensor data (steps, activities, visited places) locally in the app on your phone. You can review this data in the settings page. In contrast your phone only stores sensor data for 1 week. So if you are interested to keep your data for a longer time period, ‚Daily Activities‘ is here to help you. 🙂

With the latest update of ‚Daily Activities‘ I added to option to export this data to OneDrive…and of course import it from OneDrive.

You might have guessed it: This is an additional way of backup/restore for your data!
The data is stored in JSON format so if you are interested in creating your own statistics from it, that’s very simple – just export the data from ‚Daily Activities‘ to OneDrive, where you can download, view, remove these data files, load the in Microsoft Excel or other tools.

Privacy is very important for me so this data is only stored in your personal OneDrive and never sent to another „Service“, like most fitness trackers do. Additinally this data export is optional and you can always remove these files.

Also worth to note: Most fitness trackers companies charge you extra if you want full access to your (!) data (funny, isn’t it?)

Daily Activities is more powerful than most fitness trackers (for example it can show your visited locations), you don’t need extra hardware and you can access all available data for free on your OneDrive after exporting it from Daily Activities.