Update for ‚Daily Activities‘ will be available soon

Today I submitted an update for my app „Daily Activities„.
Windows Phones with a motion sensor can collect your movement data (if you allow to do so) and you can see the your walking steps and visited places.

But this data is stored on the phone for one week only.

Daily Activities visualizes this data in many ways, allows you to see details about your walking/running steps, distance, burned calories, you activities and shows you visited places on a map.

In this update Daily Activities will automatically store the data collected by your phone sensors locally so it is finally able to show movement data for a longer time period then 1 week.

As always I consider privacy very important so you can review this locally stored data and delete it any time if you like to do so.

wp_ss_20150806_0003 wp_ss_20150806_0002

wp_ss_20150806_0006 wp_ss_20150806_0001


I sent the update to the certifiaction process today so it should be available soon. 🙂