Updates, get some free updates ;)

Just wanted to inform the readers of my blog that I submitted updates for the WP 8.1 version of my apps „Week View“ and „Lock Screen Calendar“ a few minutes ago. 🙂

The next Week View update contains 7 bug fixes that were reported to me by users and 4 minor enhancements according to my todo-list. The agenda view got a small redesign and now correctly shows the current day, when set as start-up screen.

The update for Lock Screen Calendar should fix the problem, where on some users phones the default background image was shown (a green image with the name of the app on it). This problem never occurred on one of my test phones but according to beta tester replies it should be fixed.

So…what’s next, according to apps?

One thing that caught my attention, when it was announced was the „Lumia Sensor Core SDK„. This SDK allows developers to get motion data from some newer Lumia devices (630, 930, 1520 with cyan update) and enable „fitness tracker“ apps.

So this partially converts your phone to a fitbit device. 🙂
This is definitely interesting for me and I want to so, what I can create with it.

Benefit: Simply walking around now can be called “beta testing my app” for me. 🙂