An agenda view for ‚Week View‘

Did you notice that the agenda view has been removed from the windows phone 8.1 built in calendar?

While I personally did not use it that often there are users that use it frequently and it has been reported to me, that there no longer is an agenda view in the windows phone 8.1 built in calendar.

In my opinion this makes no sense…like some other things done by MS the last days…but it was clear that I have to add an agenda view to my app ‚Week View‚. 🙂

An agenda view will be included in the next update of the WP 8.1 version of Week View, and soon later in the WP 8.0 version. 🙂

Here is, how it will look like (running on my Lumia 1520, in german):


4 Gedanken über “An agenda view for ‚Week View‘

  1. carmen

    I cannot get the update for week view 8 installed. It failes after te first mb . How come? Is there a solution to fix this, since i paid for the app.

    1. admin Beitrags Autor

      Hi Carmen,
      this is strange but as a developer I have absolutely no control over the installation/update process.
      You can also try to uninstall the app and make a complete new installation.
      You do not have to pay again for an app your purchased once – you can always re-install it for free.
      best regards,

    1. admin Beitrags Autor

      I agreee + that’s what it does, when I tested it on my phone.
      Please contact me via my support email adress so we can discuss details how to reproduce this problem.
      best regards,