What’s new in windows phone 8.1 for users and developers

Wow – there are really many cool sessions according to windows phone 8.1 at the Build 2014 developer conference by MS. 🙂

Long awaited features and also many new ones were announced.
All windows phone 8.0 devices will get the update, but at the moment it’s not clear, when this will happend – it was said to be „in the next months“.

A developer preview is expected to be available in the next week around april, 8th. I hope this is true – I can’t wait to try it out on my lumia 1520. 🙂

A nice video of the new features is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAu0YgPnuXM

Especially important for me as a developer, since it directly affects my app ‚Week View‚: Windows Phone 8.1 will contain a complete new programing interface for calendar app. 🙂

This finally allows it to create, edit and delete appointments in all configured calendars. It was said that the built in windows phone calendar uses the same programing interface, which is available for developers. 🙂

As written, at the momenet I am porting my app ‚Week View‚ to windows phone 8.1. I will write about my hands-on experience with the new programing model and interface while doing this in the next postings. 🙂