About me and this blog


i am a developer from austria, you can find some more information about me at the ‚about me‚ page.

So why another blog and why does a developer from austria blog in english?
The reason is: to get in contact with users of my apps. 🙂

I started creating apps for windows phone, when version 7.0 was released and i was happy to get a pre-production device from Microsoft. These days nobody around me knew that there was something like ‚windows phone‘ and when someone saw it and knew that MS has a mobile OS too, the usual comment was: „Ah, you got a windows mobile device, i heard MS will shut it down soon…“ 😉

Well, windows mobile really was ’shut down‘, to be more precise: it was replaced by windows phone. Times have changed and today the market share  of windows phone is increasing and of course i hope, this trend will hold on.

The number of my apps in the windows phone store has increased too and so has the feedback from users, which is a great thing!

I want to thank all users for their continuous feedback, all beta testers for their help in providing high quality apps and all people helping me with translations, to provide different localization for my apps!

While users can give me feedback by sending an email i cannot get in contact with them to provide them the latest news about my apps.

This is the main reason why i started this blog (and the answer to the first question): Provide the latest news for users and share the current development status of new features and updates.

The answer to the second question is simple: I want to stay in contact with users all around the world, so although german is my native language, i am blogging in english and hope, people will understand my postings. 😉


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