Next Week View 8 update sent to certification

I just wanted to inform you that I submitted the next update of Week View 8 to the certification process. It usually takes about 5 days until an update is certified and maybe another day until it shows up in all markets. So it should be available very soon. 🙂

The update contains many new features and bugfixes, support for italian and russian laguage (many thanks to the people, creating this for me!) a complete new month view and the option to store the week view configuration to your skydrive account.

So after setting up your configuration you can store it on skydrive and after the next update or a new installation of the app, simply load it from skydrive so you do not need to configure your settings, replacement icons, filters, … again. 🙂

I already got many suggestions for the next update and will start working on it once this update has been certified sucessfully.