Working on new features for Week View 8.0 and 8.1

A recreative vacation is over and it’s time for some new features for my app Week View. 🙂

At the moment I am working on some bug fixes that have been reported to me, especially according to detail text formatting for links/phone numbers (already done) and a common navigation for all pages. This means, it will be possible to navigate to each page (day view, week view, month view, year view, search page, go to date page, agenda will come later) from every other page.

This is similar to what the built in WP 8.1 calendar provides, although the build in WP 8.1 calendar does not have a „search“ and „go to date“ page.

Another major feature will be appointment templates. This allows you to define templates…yes, for appointments 😉

They can be used to simply create similar appointments on a selected date. In contrast to recurring appointments these appointments do not follow a recurrence pattern.

It will be possible to pin these appointment templates to the start screen, which allows you to create an appointment with just one tap on your start screen – the fastest way to add new appointments to your calendar. 🙂

templateEntrySelected NavigateAway createTemplate

The planned release for this update is next week, I hope, I can complete adding the new features and testing. 🙂 The new features and bug fixes will be included in the WP 8.0 and WP 8.1 version of Week View.

2 Gedanken über “Working on new features for Week View 8.0 and 8.1

  1. Wolfgang Benker

    Hallo Hannes,
    bin neu und habe mit dem Lumia 930 meine Anfängerschwierigkeiten.
    Android unterschied Termine/appointments und Aufgaben/tasks. Kann man in WeekView (respektive Windows Phone) auch Aufgaben definieren?
    Danke im voraus

    1. admin Beitrags Autor

      Hallo Wolfgang,
      auch bei Windows Phone gibt es Termine und Aufgaben.
      Die Aufgaben sind jedoch leider nur im bei WP enthaltenen Kalender zugreifbar, weil MS für diese keine Programmierschnittstelle anbietet.
      Also beim WP Kalender das Menü öffnen und „Aufgaben“ auswählen.