Week View 8.6 update submitted to certification

Finally it’s done – i sent the next update of Week View to the marketplace certification. 🙂

This update contains some bug fixes (in search- and details view) and also many new features, that were suggested by users of Week View – thanks for your suggestions!

Some of the new features are

  • Users can now select, which view to open, when a live tile is clicked (Week View supports 3 different live tiles + pinning appointments to your start screen).
  • Selecting the light or dark theme inside the app is supported.
  • The medium sized main live tile was updated to show as list of the next appointments,  the current day, day name, month name and number of the current week.
  • Attendees of appointments are shown in the details view.
  • Selecting and copying text from appointment details is possible now.
  • New and updated replacement icons

The most important new feature is, that Week View now is able to show non-periodic appointments that are older than 2 weeks.

The built in windows phone calendar automatically ‚hides‘ appointments that are older than 2 weeks and are ’non periodic‘ (like birthdays). You can simply check this: Open your windows live calendar in a web browser + look for an appointment that is older than 2 weeks and was created directly in the browser.

Try to locate the same appointment in the build in windows phone calendar – you will not find it. This is a (in my opinion not that good) design decision by MS: ‚Older‘ appointments are not shown in the built in windows phone calendar.

Week View is able to bypass this limitation and by directly accessing your windows live calendar (after you sign in to windows live in Week View to allow this) also shows you older appointments!

So you no longer need to start a web browser to see all your windows live appointments. 🙂


4 Gedanken über “Week View 8.6 update submitted to certification

    1. admin Beitrags Autor

      Creating appointments in exchange calendar is possible in Week View 8 but unfortunately editing/deleting is not possible due to limitations of the windows phone programming interface.
      I hope, MS will add enhancements to the windows phone programming interface in the next OS update that will allow this, please see: http://www.hannesbiribauer.com/wordpress/?p=215

    1. admin Beitrags Autor

      Hi Ron,
      the dialog that is used to add appointments is a windows phone standard dialog, called „SaveAppointmentTask“.
      Unfortunately it’s appearance and dialog options cannot be configured or changed in any way – the MS programing interface does not allow this.