Still no fix for the windows store problems…but at least support is funny

Today I got another email (as a reply to my email below) from MS support. We are still discussing the windows store problem that exists for many months, concerns many apps and causes a marketplace error, when users try to update or re-install my app Week View.

Of course + as said many times this problem has nothing to do with my app. Many other apps are concerned too. Still this problem exists for months now…and MS is not able to fix it.

This is the content of the last email (starting with my reply):

Hi Joe,

Thank you for your email!
…at least someone cannot say, MS Support is not funny. 🙂

Do you really think, I am writing emails to MS Support for 3 months, waiting for an answer, when a solution can be expected, answering hundreds of emails from angry users in my spare time, commenting bad marketplace ratings…and all of this because a single user has a problem?

Should I forward you more than 300 emails from users that contacted me because of this problem? (That has nothing to do with my app) There is not „this user“ that has a problem, there are many hundred users that have this problem and of course not only my app is concerned – many apps are concerned, as you can read in the MS WP-Dev Users Voice link from my email below.

Sending you an email address from one (or 10 or 100) users of course also has nothing to do with a solution of the problem. As long as the problem exists I (and other developers) will always get emails and bad marketplace ratings from users that are concerned by it.
So sending a refund to a user is nice but it does not solve the root of the problem.

Since you did not answer the questions from my email below, I will ask them again:

– Will there be a fix for this store problem or is MS concentrating on Windows 10 and never fix it?

– Did you contact support members from other countries and tell them to NOT blame developers for a store problem?

Of course this is nothing „personal“ but please try to imagine my point of view.
I am supporting the MS platform and sell apps – MS takes 30% of the app-revenue.
For this 30% MS provides the infrastructure: the windows store.
This store has a major problem, which MS is not able to fix within months.
I am getting bad ratings for my app and emails from angry users because of this problem (that has nothing to do with my app).

Can you imagine being a little bit upset, if you were me?

Best regards,

Am 03.06.2015 18:24, schrieb Microsoft Customer Support:

Hello Hannes,

I am following with you as Mary is out of the office today. I did read the email provided by one of your users. Can you provide me the email address of this user and we will see if we are able to process a refund for them?

Best Regards,
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