Invitation to preview the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 SDK

Now this is cool – yesterday I got an invitation from MS to preview the windows phone 8.1 SDK. 🙂

As one of our top developers, you are being invited to a confidential, private Windows Phone SDK Developer Preview Program to test your app out on an upcoming release of Windows Phone. You’ll get a head start on the new platform in exchange for trying out some new APIs and spot-checking app compatibility.

Today I got another email, containing a download link for the SDK – I am currently downloading it 🙂

We are pleased to inform you that we have accepted your application to participate in the Windows Phone SDK DevPreview Program on Microsoft Connect.

When taking part in these preview programs, you have to aggree to many conditions like you do not post screenshots or leak any other information…or MS will take your pc, car, flat, girlfriend, … 😉

So I cannot post screenshots but of course I will test my apps with the new SDK to asure they are working once Windows Phone 8.1 is released which is expected to happen at the MS Build Conference in april and it should be available to the public in may.

Good news for all – this time MS gives away the preview much earlier to make it easier for developers to adapt their apps and report problems which should lead to a more stable and even greater Windows Phone 8.1 for all of us. 🙂