Review of my app „Live Tile Calendar 10“

Nice, a german windows phone site reviewed my latest App Live Tile Calendar 10, please see:


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  1. Phil

    Hey there,

    It’s not a terrible bug, but since I installed it on my desktop (I also use it on the phone, no problems there), I have the normal calendar app that now sometimes opens by itself on boot. It has also happened one time when unlocking the screen.

    Btw, are you planing to bring more display options from week view to it? for example, like how many appointments to show in advance?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. admin Beitrags Autor

      Thanks for the info – i never noticed this problem on my PC…and at the moment have no idea how this can happen.
      Apps can never start other apps „automatically by themselves“.
      Yes, I am planning more live tile designs for LTC10.

  2. Mirko

    Hallo Hannes, auf dem L950XL habe ich Live Tile Cal installiert, nun zeigt Live Tile aber nur das App Symbol an, nicht jedoch die Termine…NeuInstall hat nichts gebracht… auf dem Sperrbildschirm wird alles korrekt angezeigt…wenn ich manuell aktualisiere, geht es bis zum nächsten tag?!