Daily activities is a UWP app now

As written, I was working to port my app „Daily Activities“ to a universal windows platform app. Meanwhile this is done, and the app runs on your WP 8.1, the WP 10 developer preview and also on the PC/tablet on windows 10. 🙂

wp_ss_20151023_0004 RunninOnPC

Of course your PC usually does not support collecting motion data and most likely you do not carry it around with you. 😉

But: Daily Activities allows you to automatically upload collected data (steps, activities, visited locations) to your personal OneDrive. This upload only occurs, when the phone is plugged into AC power and an internet connection is available.


When the app is running on the PC it detects that it cannot collect steps data but it CAN download data from OneDrive. So when enabled it automatically downloads the data from OneDrive that was uploaded by your phone before.

This allows you to see, export and analyze the data from ‚Daily Activities‘ on your PC too!
Since ‚Daily Acitvities‘ is a universal windows platform app you only have to buy it once (for your phone) and can install it for free on your PC.

Daily Activities supported a live tile for some time. In the next update lockscreen notification will be included in the UWP app. This allows you to see your steps, distance and burned calories on the lockscreen of your phone or PC too.

wp_ss_20151023_0010 wp_ss_20151023_0001 wp_ss_20151023_0011

Hope you like it – if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!
(The screenshots are in german language, english language is supporte too of course)