Illegal version of my app Week View 8 still in windows phone store

2 weeks have passed and no reaction from MS support for 1 week and the illegal version of my app Week View 8 is still available in the windows phone store. 🙁

The last reply from MS support was that I need to prove that the illegal week view 8 version is a copy of my app. This is very simple – the „developer“ that pirated my app did not even change the support email address on the about page, which means: Beside from looking identical, the illegal version contains my (!) support email address.

I sent a reply to MS support, containing screenshots that show this copyright validation 1 week ago – no reply since then.

Don’t know what to do anymore…I am still getting emails with error reports from the illegal version. „Happy Day“ – the developer that stole my app implemented adds that are shown, while the app is running but he implemented the add-mechanism wrong, so it sometimes crashes the app.

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